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Traffic Enforcement and Safety Services, LLC is proud to serve the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Traffic Enforcement & Safety Services

We are committed to providing contractors with commissioned Peace Officers and/or Certified Flaggers holding current TxDOT certifications and city licensing. Our off-duty Officers are trained by the National Highway Institute on work zone safety and comply with federal and state traffic laws to assure the safety of your workers and equipment. Our Flaggers are certified in the techniques of traffic control, and have passed a training course taught by one of our certified trainers.

Our Officers and Flaggers are held to the highest standard of professionalism and safety. A supervisor is assigned to all projects to oversee all of our traffic safety and control services.

We also carry a Liability Insurance Policy. Our incomparable customer service, and practical experience has led to customer satisfaction and continuous employment with contractors.

From hard hats to bright vests Traffic Enforcement & Safety Services, LLC is eager to serve you!

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Let Us Manage All Of Your Safety Needs